Pre-K is learning about the letter “U!” We invited Sloane to play her ukulele for us! She told us all about the instrument, that she prays when she has trouble learning a song, and learned how to play Mary had a Little Lamb so we could sing along. Thanks Sloane!!


Zoom for Monday Morning Prayer!

May 11th Student of the Week- Congratulations Savannah!

May 4th Student of the Week- Congratulations Bella!

Jay’s Junk Robot!

Lily’s Junk Robot!

Ms. Bolt’s Student Environmental Art Projects

K/1 Zoom Meeting

A Video Message from St. Mary Staff

Meeting Jack Bergman, our State Representative, at the Capital Building

Art Show 2020

Free Throw WInners!

Special Person’s Day Breakfast

2/3-color competition and catechism bee

4/5- color competition and catechism bee

MS- color competition and catechism bee

Community Readers for Celebrating our Community

Bingo Monday for CSW 2020

5th-8th Spelling Bee

5th grade winners
6th grade winners
7th grade winners
8th grade winner
Top 2 winners to go on to Regionals in TC

Fr. Peter as Friar Tuck
Mr. Bindi the gorilla!
K/1 Halloween party
2/3 Halloween party

Builder’s Club Raking
Builder’s Club Raking

Bishop Raica talks about Saints



Bishop Raica

Taking a break from working on the Saint projects, students have a friendly Quizlet competition.

Builder’s Club Bake Sale for the Humane Society

All School Picture 2019-2020 PreK-8

Charles and Mr. Anderson launching a rocket!

Venetian Parade 2019

Serving breakfast at the Community Reformed Church breakfast club

Visiting Mr. Pittman

Middle School Mission Trip to Pennsylvania

Middle School Retreat to Marian Peace Center in Joy Valley

Congratulations Aiden and Jillian for receiving Honorable Mentions at the Crooked Tree student art show!

Thank you Builders Club for our totally awesome personalized Pizza Party! We loved supporting our can food drive recently and we’re super excited when we won the competition! The smallest class showed the biggest heart.❤️❤️❤️ A win win all around. Love – St. Mary School 4/5 Graders. ☺️☺️

Jillian’s Art Display
Aiden’s Art Display
Izzy’s Art Display
Catherine’s Art Display
Happy 88th Birthday Mr. Ed!!

Ash Wednesday School Mass

2019 Free Throw Winners (missing is Sloane)

February Birthdays

Letter to Marywood Sisters

K-8 cross



Living Rosary
Free Throw winners-boys
Free Throw Winners-girls
cross made by MS

Matthew- Spelling Bee
Congratulations Ryan, Mary & Boddy!
Congratulations Alessandra, Matthew & Joe!
Congratulations Izzy, Alessandra & Matthew!
2019 Spelling Bee Winners!
8th grade winners
7th grade winner


Catherine- Spelling Bee
Aiden- Spelling Bee
Mary- Spelling Bee
Lena- Spelling Bee


2/3 and PreK Reading Buddies Caroling

Kids at Fr. John Paul’s School
Fr. John Paul School Progress
Fr. John Paul’s School Progress
Gingerbread Social

Baraga comes to St. Mary to broadcast LIVE for their Fall Pledge Drive.
Blue Star Memorial

4/5 to drop off Food Pantry collection
PreK playing in leaves on a Fall day

Bring Your Bible to School Day!

8th graders making paper
New School Year! 2018

2/3 balance project
Emily show and tell

Learning to fold the flag

9/11 Memorial

4h-8th grade Raven Hill Field Trip

Problem Solving

2018 Honor Roll
*Missing Addison Parish, Mary Lentz, Matthew Solomon,
Wren Fogle

Kaylin serving up s’mores
K/1 reading/camping fun

Strings presentation!

Charles Garden Club
Matthew & Mr. Solomon

Emmitt was awarded 1st place for the Garden Club poster contest!

5th grade

4th grade

Anistin with her art history project

Baraga Radio came to record us today!

Catherine learning about simple machines, motors and gearing, energy conversion and the engineering design process with a Lego Education kit.
Boden in Mr. Anderson’s class building a Lego vehicle.
River and Mikayla working on a Lego vehicle in Mr. Anderson’s class.
Aiden in Mr. Anderson’s class putting together a Lego vehicle.
Jillian and Izzy working on a Lego vehicle in Mr. Anderson’s class.
Catherine and Izzy demonstarting their Lego vehicle.
PreK Grant Party

St. Mary Middle Schooler’s play pickleball!!


Playing Bingo for Catholic Schools Week

The Ground Hog came to visit!

Boden-7/8 Winner
Catherine-6 Winner
Addison-4/5 Winner
Sophie-2/3 Winner!

Gingerbread Making Family Fun!

4/5 Flywheeler Trip




Caroling at Boulder Park


2016 Christmas Program

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