Why should my child attend St. Mary School?

We believe that each child is unique –  capable of learning and developing according to his/her individual gifts and talents, and that growth takes place through a blending of academic, social, moral, physical, and spiritual formation. Ultimately, our goal is to prepare children for academic and personal success in a faith-filled, nurturing environment.

Do I have to be Catholic to attend St. Mary School?

St. Mary Catholic School is a faith-based school that is open to both Catholic and non-Catholic families. We welcome students and families of all faiths. We are a Catholic school, so our curriculum includes religion courses where we teach the Catholic faith. We also have regular school Masses that the students are required to attend. We invite you to see the Religion curriculum during your tour.

How is religion incorporated into the school day?

Religion class is taught daily in all grades. Our school Mass is on Wednesdays (except First Fridays) and Holy Days of Obligation. Adoration is weekly. Rosary is weekly. Stations of the Cross are on Fridays during Lent. 3rd – 8th grade Catholic students celebrate Reconciliation multiple times per year. In addition, we begin and end each day with prayer, as well as praying before lunch and any other time it is appropriate. Our behavior expectations include striving to be like Christ in daily interactions.

Is St. Mary’s School accredited?

Our school is accredited with the Michigan Non-public School Accrediting Association. We are also members of the National Catholic Education Association and Michigan Association of Non-public Schools.

Are St. Mary School teachers certified?

Our entire teaching faculty is required to hold a valid Michigan Teaching Certificate or permit. In addition, teachers are required to maintain professional development continuing education in both subject area and catechetical formation.

What grades are offered?

Pre – Kindergarten through eighth grades are offered. Pre-K and Young 5s is offered as 2 half days up to 5 full days per week. Our school day begins at 8:20 a.m. and ends at 3:20 p.m. Half day pre-K ends at 11:20 a.m. After School care is offered, for a fee, until 5:30 p.m. In order to take advantage of this parents must sign up for it and fill out additional paperwork.

What special classes do you offer?

Once a week, students take P.E., Music, Art, and STEM through Public School Shared Time.

Do you have resources for students who are above grade level or need extra help?

Our dynamic faculty, of whom over half have master’s degrees, focus on providing individualized attention for all of our students. We are also fortunate to provide additional assistance with a Title 1 Resource teacher for qualified students, and a teacher aide who works with students in grades K -5.

What extracurricular activities are offered?

Extracurricular activities are offered based on interest and available expertise. In the past we have offered LEGO Robotics, basketball, cooking club, running club, art club, spelling club, and sewing club.  If you have a talent or interest that you would be willing to share, please let our principal know!

How much is tuition?

Tuition is $2850 for one child. Discounts are available for multiple students in the same family.

Is Financial Aid available?

Angel Scholarships are available based on need for students in kindergarten through eighth grade. Scholarships are not available for pre-K. The purpose of the St. Mary School Angel Tuition Program is to help families who could not otherwise afford to send their children to St. Mary’s.  Scholarships are awarded based on a families Adjusted Gross Income on Federal Income Tax form 1040. If you are interested in applying for an Angel Tuition Scholarship, please contact our principal.

How can parents get involved?

St. Mary School is in partnership with parents to provide the spiritual and academic development of each child. Parent involvement is essential to achieve this goal. Parents are expected to serve as playground supervisors, attend Home and School Association meetings, participate in fundraisers, and carry out the tasks assigned to each grade by the Home and School Association. 40 hours of volunteer time per year is required.

All volunteers must complete the following:  Volunteer Clearance Form, Diocese of Gaylord Employee and Volunteer Criminal Background Check, Virtus Online Training, and a Confidentiality Form

Do students wear uniforms?

Yes, K through 8th grade students wear khaki bottoms and a navy blue polo shirt. Socks must be worn in the colors of solid navy, solid white, or solid grey. Belts must be worn by students in grades 2 on up. Middle school students have expanded uniform choices.  Please see pages 15-18 in our handbook for more details. PARENT HANDBOOK 2023-2024

Once per month we allow a blue jean day with any St, Mary School shirt by providing a donation for the Community Food Pantry.

Is transportation available?

Our students are able to ride the Public School bus to and from school.

Is St. Mary’s calendar the same as the Public School?

We strive to follow the public school calendar, but occasionally they will have an online learning day when we have in person learning, or one of us has a half day while the other has a full day. On days that the public school has no bus, parents are expected to make arrangements to get their children to and from school.

Is hot lunch available?

Hot lunch is available on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday for a cost of $3.50 per lunch. Lunch money is applied to your account through FACTS, our tuition management program. Our lunches are homemade and well loved. On Monday and Friday students must bring a cold lunch. Snacks must be brought from home daily for K-8 students. Please limit the use of our microwave.

How do I apply?

Schedule a tour of the school with our principal by calling (231) 547-9441, or by email to principal@stmaryschoolchx.com. After a tour you will be given an application which must be returned with the $30 nonrefundable registration fee. Submit a birth certificate, health forms, consent, and release forms. In addition, parents must sign up for FACTS our online tuition management program.

Come visit St. Mary School and you will see the difference!