October 23, 2020 Parent Letter

October 30th: We end our first marking period Friday, October 30th. We will have a half day of school and dismiss students at 11:00am. The public school has changed their schedule – now there will be NO bussing at all on October 30th.
Halloween: Parties for K-8 will be held on Friday, October 30, Pre-K will have theirs on Wednesday, October 28. Please check with your child’s teacher about plans. Halloween is actually the shortened version of “All Hallows’ Eve”. Hallow is an Old English word for All Saints’ Day, the day we commemorate all the saints. The night before became known as All Hollows Eve or “holy evening”, and eventually Halloween. Please keep this in mind as you plan costumes for your children. We are hoping to have many angels, saints, and Biblical characters for costumes. Remember, this is a Catholic School and the costumes need to be appropriate for a Catholic School. We cannot have witch costumes or anything related to witchcraft (including all Harry Potter characters), devil costumes, blood and gore, or weapons. If you have any questions, please ask ahead of time. Since we have a half day, and due to COVID restrictions (we don’t want a congregation in the bathroom) students may come to school dressed in their costumes day.
ParentsWeb: ParentsWeb provides and secure portal that allows parents to view academic information for students in 4-8 grade and attendance/teacher contact information for all grades. Detailed instructions on how to access ParentsWeb is attached. Please let me know if you have any questions or need help.
Bulb Fundraiser: You can keep selling online! The bulb sales are available online through December 1. Every fundraiser is used to fund your child’s education, helping to keep our tuition affordable. Bulbs are ready to be picked up in the Gathering Space.
Volunteer Opportunity: We are looking for regular helpers for extended care, especially Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. If you are able to help, please let us know. If anyone is able to help with lunch, please let us know which day of the week you could commit to. We could use one more regular helper Tuesday through Friday.